Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Temples of Nubian Historical Information

Once the ancient kingdom of Kush, Nubian houses archaeological sites of great interest: temples, fortresses and tombs. The construction of the high dam posed a great danger of over flooding the temples of Philae, Kalabsha and Abu Simbel.
The Nubians still retain their customs, traditions, language and architecture. One can enjoy a cruise Lake Nasser by boats to explore the new Nubia after relocating the flooded temples.
Temples of Nubian History Information
Temple of Kalabsha History Information:
It dates back to the Greco-Roman era. Built by the Roman Emperor Octavius Augustus and dedicated to the Nubian god Mandolis.
Temple of Beit AL-Wali History Information:
Dates back to the reign of Ramses II Its walls are decorated with bright colored reliefs depicting the military victories of the king.
Kiosk of Kertassi History Information:
Dedicated to the goddess Isis, with two magnificent Hathohic columns
Temple of Amada History Information:
The oldest temple in Nubia, built by three pharaohs of the Thutmosis dynasty
Temple of Derr History Information:
Next to Amada temple, built by Ramses II, and dedicated to the sun god Ra.
Temple of Penout History Information:
The only surviving tomb of an Egyptian viceroy in Nubia
Kasr Ibrim History Information:
The relics of an ancient citadel
Wadi al-Seboua' Temple History Information:
Constructed in the reign of Ramses II for the worship of god Amon
Temple of Dakka History Information:
Built by Amenophis II dedicated to Thot, It was reconstructed in the Graeco-Roman era

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