Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The West Bank of Luxor Information

River Nile split Luxor into sides. East side where you find Karnak and Luxor temples, it is called the living city during the ancient times.
West side because Sun Set in the West is called the city of the death That is why you will find all the Tombs and the funural temples located in the Western Bank of Luxor.
The frist temple you will see is the funural temple of Amonphes the third father of king Aknaten. His temple is used as a quary to rebuild other temples that is why you will find some ruins and the two big statues which is called now Memnoun. Every one of them is one sinbgle peace of stone which weaght nine hundred tones. Represting the king looking for the Sun rise every dayon his face
In the West side you will visit the Valley of the Kings where we have discovered 62 tombs. The most famous one is king Tut Ank Amoun. It was found in 1922 by an English Egyptologist. Also the Valley of Queens in that side where 75 Tombs have been discovered, most famous Tomb is Queen Nefertary wife of Ramsess second. The tombs of the Nobles between the kings and Queens where more than four hundred Tombs have been discovered, they are very beautiful colors.
In the Western side you can visit too the temple of Ramses third which called Medaint Habu. It is one of the most beautiful funural temples where you will find the colors still on the walls as if the Artist finished it yeasterday.
You can see Ramses second too where you find beautiful statues of the king in difrent stones.
Seti Frist temple also worth a visit too

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